1. What is Lospac?
2. What is offered?
3. How do I become member?
4. How can I pay?
5. How can I extend the membership?
6. How can I cancel the memberhsip?
7. How often do you update?
8 . How long are the updates online?
9 . What do I have to do if I have questions?
10. A note on password sharing/trading

1. What is Lospac?

Lospac is an Cast-Art Fetish-Site with high quality Cast-, Foot and Legproductions.
2. What is offered?

On the site you will find professional pictures and photostories. The supply will be extended with dispatch articles like Video, DVD or CD's etc.

3. How do i become a member?

Just click on the >> Join << button, choose how you would like to pay, follow the instructions by filling out the form and choose a personal password. That´s all.

4. How can i pay?

You can either pay by credit card, online check, bank debit or wiretransfer. Just click here

5. How can i extend my membership?

The membership extends automatically within the chosen period.
If you paid by wiretransfer, your membershipt will NOT renew automatically.

6. How can i cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership within the servicearea at any time.

7. How often do you run an update?
Once a week with at least approx. 50 pictures.
8. How long are the updates online?
Updates are at least 2 months in the Memberarea online.
9. What do I have to do if I have questions?

Just send us your questions by email .

10. A note on password sharing/trading
We implemented tight security restrictions in order to protect our honest members, because we have experienced heavy password trading over the last few months.
Please be aware of the following: sharing or trading your personal password is being tracked down and may result in permanent closure of your account.